Monday, 21 November 2016

Snowdogs By The Sea

Along with many artists in and around Brighton over the summer of 2016 - including artists such as Joe Webb, Pure Evil, Kai & Sunny, Gemma Compton, Ryca and Sarah Arnett - I painted a couple of Snowdogs for a Wild In Art Snowdogs By The Sea Art Trail in Brighton. Auctioned on 6th December 2016 they raised £17,000 for Martlets Hospice.

Here are some photos and details about the project:

'Neon Camo Dog of Hope' - sponsored by Brighton & Hove High School:

The essence of this artwork is one of hope and reflection inspired by the work of the Martlets Hospice. The blue camo pattern was used as a symbolic representation of strength and determination - a fighting spirit - a tough outer skin perhaps disguising - or camouflaging - a hidden struggle beneath. The blue colour is suggestive of sea, sky, freedom - and Brighton! The painted tromp l’oeil neon seagulls also suggest the seaside - but are used here as a symbol of hope - flying free. The notion of flying over Brighton a reference to The Snowman and The Snowdog. The use of the seagull motif not only emphasizes the connection with Brighton - but also evokes the vastness of the sea - and the journeys of life. The illuminated painted neon asserting a glow of optimism.

'Bowie Tribute Snowdog'. Commissioned by Brighton Marina:

 The Bowie tribute Snowdog celebrates the immense contribution made by David Bowie to our artistic culture. The combination of the trademark multi-coloured lightning bolts creates a dazzling pattern - evoking the energy, passion and diversity of this great performer - the diamond-like shapes a subtle reference to Bowie’s Diamond Dogs.

Some progress photos:

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