Saturday, 21 July 2012

Store Street Gallery ICONS Exhibition

ICONS at Store Street Gallery runs from 12th July to 18th August 2012.

In time for the London Olympics, Store Street Gallery is hosting an exhibition of Iconic art. On show will be famous and well-loved landmarks, locations and people. Clare Halifax’s aerial views of London capture the pattern and texture of the city with detailed screenprints of the London Eye and Big Ben - while Spanish artist Trinidad Ball embraces the tastes of England with her bright pop images of Marmite jars, HP Sauce and baked beans. Highlights include Mike Edwards’ poignant Text Portraits. Mike is one of the pioneers of Contemporary Typographic Art, his ‘Word Paintings’ use text to create an image that when viewed from a distance produce a dramatic three-dimensional photographic likeness. In his latest work ‘The Estate’, the Queen's eyes are painted from quotes of people living on the breadline in the housing estates of the Borough of Hackney; 'a heartbreaking painting about money' as it's been described. 

 See below what reviewer Laura Mannering had to say about the show on the Le Cool website...


Store Street is a gallery with few pretensions - you don’t need a crib sheet to work out what the hell their exhibitions are all about, which in my view is the definition of a good show. With Icons, they have brought together international contemporary artists paying tribute to the best of British, to time in with the Olympics - Claire Halifax’s detailed cityscape screenprints, Trinidad Ball’s Pop Art tribute to Marmite, Richard Burel’s energetic collages of London chaos and Mike Edwards’ word painting of the Queen, using the names of Underground stations, are highlights. Famous faces from further afield, from Aung San Suu Kyi to Bardot, also make an appearance. As always, a colourful collection.”

For more details visit the Store Street Gallery website.

For more details about Mike Edwards' visit Mike Edwards' website.

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